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Again, I disagree. At first glance by someone with little knowledge of the universe and life, they might see intelligent design. But once you actually look in depth at how things work you see more evidence for stupid design, not intelligent design. Our bodies and many other lifeforms bodies are poorly designed at best. Way too many things go wrong and could have been designed much better. Plus, it's easy to see the earth and the universe were not made for us.
When did Jehovah say he created the UNIVERSE for us? Because out of all the planets we've discovered, only the Earth is prepared to inhabit life. And not just human life, all sorts of life. So all of us here on earth just got lucky? If the Earth was not made for life, what planet was? let us relocate there!

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Evolution does not form complex life out of nothing. That's your argument. That god produced life out of nothing. Complex life from evolution is driven by natural selection over an immense period of time.
Where does the Bible say that God produced Man or life out of nothing? Because I could have sworn some things took place before man could live. Maybe I misread. Please, show me.

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Plus the argument that things are beautiful and complex therefore they must have been designed is fallacious. If life is too complex and therefore must have been designed, wouldn't the designer have to be equally or more complex and beautiful? Then you would have to ask who designed the designer? Because he is too complex, something must have designed him.
Why can't the designer be the anomaly? Why does the designer have to have a designer? Because imperfect human intelligence, and faulty reasoning says so?

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In addition, life being comlex certainly does not lead to a designer especially one like you believe. But you want to believe that we have to brush our teeth twice a day or else they'll fall out because Adam and Eve were convinced by a talking snake to eat an apple.
Who said what they ate was an apple? Does the bible say what sort of fruit it was? Maybe I misread that as well. But I try to be a careful reader, and usually meditate on what I read. I will re-read it to see if the fruit was an apple today.

What I do know is that the Bible eludes to there being three PERFECT human beings. Adam and Eve, and later down the Line Christ Jesus. Once Adam and Eve sinned, they began to feel the effects of death, since that was the penalty for sin. Which is why they began to get sick, old and die. Just like we do. If Jesus was not wrongfully Killed, he'd still be here according to God's word of how long a perfect man shall live. Never heard of Jesus being sick or anything, and his intelligence is beyond compare. No man who ever lived is lauded the way he is and for good reason. Who's word shall I take about Jehovah, Adam, Eve, Noah, etc.. Jesus, or Science's? Easy choice.

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And I don't trust your group's prophecies. You guys are like 0 out of 100.
Now about this 0-100, Maybe thats your free throw percentage or something, because you seriously cannot apply that to biblical prophecy.

My "group" does not have prophecies. However, God's word does. But my group does take a keen interest in God's word, and keep on the watch as to how things will unfold. I have mentioned before this scripture, but I will rehash it today to finish up.

Acts 1:6 When, now, they had assembled, they went asking him: “Lord, are you restoring the kingdom to Israel at this time?” 7 He said to them: “It does not belong to YOU to get knowledge of the times or seasons which the Father has placed in his own jurisdiction; 8 but YOU will receive power when the holy spirit arrives upon YOU, and YOU will be witnesses of me both in Jerusalem and in all Ju·de´a and Sa·mar´i·a and to the most distant part of the earth.”

This is the last time his disciples would see him on earth, for he was about to ascend to heaven at this point. But this was after his resurrection, and he appeared to upwards of 500 people. Notice they were so eager to see the Kingdom restored, that they thought perhaps then was the time. But clearly it was not as Jesus said Jehovah placed that specific time in his own jurisdiction. And he eluded to a massive preaching work that had to be done about the Kingdom to the worlds most distant parts. But What Jesus didn't do was even more telling. He did not berate them for having wrong thoughts about the time of the end, he did not call them false prophets as those religious leaders in his day were. He simply corrected their thinking, and put them on the right path.

Now if its true as the bible calls Jesus the faithful and true witness of Jehovah, if they were false prophets, he would have had no dealings beyond preaching truth to them at all, even less appearing to them after his death for 40 days. Jesus only draws close to those who draw close to his Father as well as himself. That applied for the disciples in Jesus day, to now. Just because Jehovah's witnesses have had wrong ideas about exactly when the end would come is not even new hat, biblically speaking. What's most important to God is that they adhere to his word, laws and principles, and keep on the watch. That is what Jehovah's witnesses do. And it must be ok with Jehovah because there has never been more witnesses of Jehovah at the same time on earth, ever.

Jesus said gave a multi faced sign that would identify the end of a system of things in Mathew 24. At verse 14 this jumps out 14 "And this good news of the kingdom will be preached in all the inhabited earth for a witness to all the nations; and then the end will come."

You can look away, you can turn your nose up, you can kick rocks, throw rocks, do whatever you need to do, but this prophecy is HAPPENING. There is nothing you or science can do or say that can defy this. IT IS HAPPENING. Notice that a group of people called Jehovah's witnesses are preaching the good news of God's Kingdom all over the globe (even some of the most remote) Giving a witness, as the world keeps plunging further and further into madness. But before the end comes, the news will have to be preached enough for God's liking. Since the end is not yet, there must be still some people left that God feels will adhere to his will. He does want to save as many that want to listen. But he has to allow them to hear first, correct?

Bible prophecy 1 opposition 0. I'll keep count as we go along.