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    Originally Posted by LJ4ptplay
    If you don't want to get in a debate then keep your opinions to yourself. Don't make ridiculous claims about a group of people and then run away. Atheists are atheists because they think. We make opinions based on evidence. Religious arguments have little to no evidence. The definition of faith is to believe in something without evidence. Try learning about something before you make claims about it.
    Nobody is running away from anyone.I was posting to two people in this thread and you thought that I was trying to start a debate with you.If I wanted to debate you about these topics I would of wrote to you in a more secular matter since you cannot comprehend anything that is spiritual.Debating you would be a waste of time because you simply won't believe in God no matter how easily a theist breaks it down for you.

    You and other nonbelievers make this fallacious assumption about people who believe in God.You assume that believers are ignorant, stubborn, uneducated and intellectually challenged simpletons that reject anything that involves scientific evidence, you obviously fail to recognize that some of the most well known scientists of the past were devout believers.And that the bible wasn't written to be used as some kind of scientific text book to explain the laws of this universe.There is no passage in the bible that tells you that the earth is six thousand years old or that dinosaurs cohabited with humans.

    You also assume that science has disproved the existence of God but there is no empirical evidence that disproves God's existence.Just because you cannot find God under a microscope or inside of a test tube doesn't prove that there is no God.I never knew that something has to be scientifically discovered in order for that thing to have an existence.If that were the case then we should stop trying to discover extraterrestrial life on other planets since there is no such thing as extraterrestrials.

    If faith is to believe in something without evidence then you obviously have a lot of faith to believe that something came out of nothing and produced everything that exists around you.Where is the evidence that your universe was created out of nothing?

    I promised myself not to get into a debate with you because it is your own personal choice to believe in God or not believe in him but since you fervently make it your duty to attack theism and feel that your mind is more advanced than the mind of the average believer I had to make a couple of points.Thank you for reading my post and I expect you to reject everything that I wrote.
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