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    Default Deals for Lee are you buying these or selling?

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    This is a "professional's" point of view, but he forgot to mention that no deal for Lee or Nate goes down until after July 1st. Or maybe he did, I skipped the first part of the article to get to his trade ideas. Anyways....I like the Wizard idea, the 5th pick could amount to Jordan Hill. Portland's idea is nice, but just not likely, and there is no way we trade Lee to NJ!

    Final Verdict: I'm selling this article and it's weak trades. Lee would fit in with all three teams, but Portland is not giving up Rudy Fernandez for a player playing the same position as one of their franchise players (Aldridge). New Jersey made their trades to free up cap space for 2010, and David isnt good enough to blow the opportunity to part take in that market, I mean isnt that why The Knicks are considering trading him!?

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    Since you didn't actually post the scenarios, I'll do it so people can get through the thread easier

    Scenario 1: Chris Duhon and David Lee to Washington for Etan Thomas, Mike James and the #5

    I don't know if the Wiz are willing to blow their number 5 on Lee, but with rumors that Steph may sign in Washington, I think this deal probably won't go through.

    Scenario 2: David Lee and Nate Robinson to Portland for Rudy Fernandez, Steve Blake, Travis Outlaw, a trade exception (someone like Ike Diogu), the 24th pick this year, the 32nd pick this year and the Blazers' first rounder lotto protected in 2011.

    Seems like the Blazers would be giving up a lot here, I don't think this is very likely.

    Scenario 3: David Lee and the Knicks' 2 trade exceptions in Mardy Collins and Renaldo Balkman to New Jersey for Bobby Simmons, Chris Douglas-Roberts, Sean Williams and the #15 this year.

    I like the idea of trading for draft picks, but I don't think that this is a very good trade at all...

    All three scenarios are pretty bad in my opinion, I'd consider Scenario 1 over all of them though.

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    There are no such thing as a team dealing their restricted FA.

    Lee and Nate could get offers from several teams it is up to Lee and Nate to select what team offer they prefer (which could be early July or late August), than the Knicks could match it and sign and trade.

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    i like all 3 trades. the wiz trade seems more realistic. with the nets, sean williams could be a star in the pringles system. the blazer trade would be the rape of the century.
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