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Amare: Knicks should take me over Bosh


CHICAGO - Here in Chicago waiting for the next wave of potential first-rounders to fill into The Westin for the final media availability..

Back in New York, ESPN Radio's Brandon Tierney had Amare Stoudemire on this morning and reiterated remarks about his desire to play for Mike D'Antoni in 2010 while boasting about being better than Chris Bosh. Stoudemire told The Post similar stuff during All-Star Weekend.

When Tierney asked Stoudemire if he's better than Bosh, the Suns forward said, "Oooh man, are you kidding me? Ask Chris Bosh that question."

So that's a yes?

"No doubt about it, I'm better than Chris Bosh"

"How serious will you consider the Knicks New York Knicks in 2010"?

"I will be totally serious about that, I spent a lot of my childhood there, I have a connection with the state, and I also love the entire coaching staff"

" I think Coach D'Antoni's doing a phenomenal job with the Knicks, NY's a great city, I follow them closely."

Bosh or Stoudemire? Your call.
Both of them are not as good as they should be but at least amare can score some points down low. He should be a better rebounder and defensive player then he is.