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    Default 2009 NBA Draft - The #1 priority for the Knicks should be....

    The Knicks #1 should be ..... to get another pick in this draft....

    This draft goes very, very deep where there are great players all the way down into the second round.

    There aren't superstars all over but it is a very deep draft.

    A team picking in the 20-30 range still has a chance at landing a quality NBA starter.

    I think we need another pick..

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    I'm all for another pick, but i wouldn't go as far as calling this draft deep by any means. This draft is actually very thin. I'd be fine with getting the 27th pick from Memphis and taking a flyer on a guard with size or a project big man
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    This is not a good draft at all and has been called weak, I agree we should get a extra pick because we then double up our chance of getting a good player.

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    I'd be cool with picking up a late 1st or even an early 2nd. We could probably find a decent back-up for Duhon to get us through next year until we find a real starting point guard...

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    I think we should get a first rounder for next year and try to move up this year,
    I think we should try to package Chandler and Jefferies for a top 5 or 3 pick. I love Chandler ,but I think we can use him to help get rid of a Curry or Jefferies. Cause I think by 2010 Chandler will just be a role player according to the 2010 plan. Then we should try to sign and trade both Lee and Robinson for a 2010 draft pick.

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