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I know my limits, lol. I'm 29 but not even when I was 10 I could get into any of those games. No fighting game, action game, war games, appeal to me even though Grand Theft Auto series is great since I seen others play. I don't get any thrill other than sports simulation. I actually dislike violence in video games but also those games seem like a puzzle to me where I don't know where to go who shoot. Basically my game IQ for street/action games is a 0.
Well, GTA 4 has an easy learning curve...so do all of them. After the first 5 missios or so, you should get the basics and be ready. Plus, if you don't know where to go, theres this wonderful thing called a map. lol. its a cheap buy, and practically the best game for the ps3 (which i own)