Speaking of agents: You've already heard about Dan Fegan issuing his Ricky Rubio warning. If the Spanish teen doesn't like his top 5 landing spot, he's staying home. Paying $6 million for the privilege of landing in Tennessee or Oklahoma isn't worth it, the story goes.

But we've heard this proviso from a few GMs in the last week: If Rubio gets a guarantee that he'll land in New York, he'll grab it with both hands even if the Knicks (picking 8th) don't have to move into the top 5 to get him.
Basically Rubio will not go to another teams in the top 5....but we have Golden State infront of us...but I don't know.

Remember Yi from two years? Yi had no where else to go but the NBA, he was forced to play with the Bucks.

Rubio has a place to go, he has the money, fame and success in Spain. Rubio has to pay 6 million to come play for Memphis or OKC. Makes no sense for him. Better off in Espana.

I can only see Rubio agreeing to play for the Wizards or Golden State...which are #5 and #7.
Any other team is wasting their pick since he'll be another Fran Vasquez.
Its better for them to not draft Rubio and actually use their pick on a player that will give them service.
No team will risk taking him now since the word is out.

I see Rubio falling to Golden State most likely...hopefully GS passes on him =\