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Note: According to his agent Bill McCandless, up to six NBA teams have offered Beaubois a promise in the second round…

I’m not as in tuned to the Euro game as much as I should be, which is another reason Givoney is such a tremendous asset.

So who is Rodrigue Beaubois? He’s a prospect, from what I’m hearing, who’s REALLY on the Knicks radar.

Alvino sends me a note about this dude Beaubois the other day, who is clearly one of the most athletic players in Europe, so I start to dig and have heard that Beaubois a player that they are really interested to see work. They are said to be extremely disappointed that Brandon Jennings, who Givoney says the Knicks wanted to see extensively, was a no show. Givoney has Beaubois currently as the 30th pick to the Cavs.
DraftExpress wrote:
There is a growing sense in NBA circles that Brandon Jennings may be making a mistake by passing up the Reebok Eurocamp in Treviso next week in favor of participating in private NBA workouts. Numerous teams in the lottery have pointed out to us that they do not feel comfortable with the amount of competitive five on five action they’ve seen Jennings partake in, and that they would have a difficult time selecting him based on the body of work he’s put together up until this point.

NBA teams were not allowed to scout Jennings in high school, and many saw their scouting trips to Italy this year come up empty as they only were able to see him play for a few minutes at a time, often at the shooting guard position.

With that in mind, teams like the New York Knicks decided to send out their entire staff to evaluate Jennings in Treviso this upcoming week, with their head coach Mike D’Antoni, General Manager Donnie Walsh, and Director of Player Personnel Misho Ostarcevic all making the trek to Italy, and all bound to be disappointed when they see that Jennings decided to pass on the opportunity to impress them. Jennings may have a difficult time being selected by teams like this solely off what he shows in the three on three portion of their private workout.

Should Jennings slip past Golden State at 7, he may be in for somewhat of a tumble on draft night, as players such as Jonny Flynn and Jrue Holiday appear to be the next point guards on most teams’ boards, and a franchise like Indiana could opt for a more experienced player such as Ty Lawson or Eric Maynor.
I guess this is the fatality to the Brandon "Jenings" bandwagon after the metro victory.

After Jennings running away from the Europe camp...kinda shows his character and competitive especially since he made D'Antoni and crew waste a plan ticket to Italy for him.

Jennings has zero experience playing point guard in a professional league, so he's really a player out of position.
Jennings doesn't have shooting range.
Jenning's is turnover prone and tends to over dribble.

This can only mean (if Knicks are smart), he's off the Knicks big board and will probably fall to the late first round since teams don't really now what he's capable of doing in a professional setting.

IMO...Jennings hasn't proven ****, and should just pull his name out of the draft. Its best for him and the team who ever drafts him to improve his game and prove he can lead a professional team as their PG.

Sounds like a good recipe for a bust.