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I don't think his draft stock is going to drop that much..6 of the 1st 7 picks are being made by western conference teams where 48 wins or so has proven to be the minimum amount a team has to win to gain respect. All of these bottom west teams I think have to go purely with the highest ceiling at positions needed when making their picks. On ceiling alone, if you've seen Jennings play is near the top of the list in this draft.

Of course he has arguably the best chance at being a bust, but these western conference teams can't pass up on the chance to draft a franchise PG.

I see Sacramento most likely making the pick, and if not them then Minnesota has to take him in my opinion.
You think...but do you know?
Take time to read the article so you could realize how Jennings is running away from scouts and GM's and avoiding workouts.

Drafting for the highest ceiling most of the ends up being a fail. Jennings hasn't really improved much from HS...why would any smart GM draft a PG who's progressing at a very low pace...with no experience of running a professional offense?

Who have you seen Jennings play against? Dominating high school virgins?
Thats not competitive basketball at the highest level or even 2nd highest level, therefor that leaves Jennings unproven.

When could we come to the realization that all Jennings will ever be this point is an and1 baller. He needs to take Rafer Alston's route if he wants to succeed in the NBA.

dpryde hit it right on the nail. All Jennings stock is from his high school hype. People who were part of the hype would feel stupid to let go at this point.

If Jenning's work ethic was on point, he would be in college and probably a top 5 pick. Instead he decided to avoid challenge and expected to get big minutes in Europe. That was a complete failure since he was the SG off the bench who shot as bad as anyone at his position.

Again, explain to me underlying factors that makes Jenning's a franchise PG...I would love to really know and see what you insight you could provide the forum with besides youtube highlights.

And theres no way Sacramento or Golden State are drafting someone they never worked out...or got a chance to fully scout. Thats not how you scout and draft.

Most teams in the lottery don't even know much about Jennings expect he was an elite HS player.

Minnesota will take Tyreke Evans, someone who's built for the NBA, and has proven himself in college.

Tyreke was labeled as "Selfish", but made the transition from SG to PG at Memphis. He could come out of this draft as the best combo guard. A Foye/Evans back court makes more sense than Jennings/Foye. at 6"6 220 with cat-like ability...Evans would be the best prospect available for Minnesota.

Nothing in that post made a lot of sense, just a lot of thinking and not knowing.


go read up and catch up. Seriously.