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I'd trade up to get Stephen Curry while at the same time getting rid of Eddy Curry for an expiring contract as follows:

Mike Miller's expiring deal and Minny's 6th pick (Stephen Curry) for Eddy Curry and whoever the **** they want at the 8th.

****, throw in Jared Jeffries' 2yrs for Brian Cardinal's expiring and we would really be in business for 2010!!!

If we trade up it has to be only for rubio (or griffin) no one else.

Why minny will take edy curry to move down on draft(lol) when they can pick whomever they want at #6.

I take the whole post as a joke since not even a stupid GM will give us 2 expiring and #6 and take 2 longer deals (curry and jefferies) to move down on the draft. lol