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    Default Anyone else think Kobe is dirty?

    So game 4, man, I got pretty sick watching that.

    The elbow in the face, maybe not deliberate, can believe that. Still should have been called though. Lakers got a gift right there.

    But earlier, when Kobe had to HARD foul Dwight to keep him from dunking, he had hold of his arm, and kept it locked under his until well after they hit the floor together. Seriously the way he had it held could have snapped Dwights wrist if he landed different. No need to hold on that long either, the whistle was called 5 seconds before they hit the ground. I was surprised the announcers didn't say anything about that foul, it was seriously dirty.

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    pretty much all the best players to ever play the game were dirty

    bird dirty
    jordan dirty
    stockton real dirty
    jabbar one of the dirtiest players ever
    barkley dirty
    malone dirty

    all these guys elbowed pushed, hit, they knew how to get into the other opponents head

    reggie miller dirty

    so I mean i cant over dose on it, yes i agree kobe plays dirty but then again so does peitrus.

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