Chad Ford has an update on the the draft and an interesting piece on the upcoming trade market.
First Ford wrote that there is a slight chance that Rubio can fall all the way to the Knicks at 8. According to Ford:
-Rubio does not want to play in Memphis
-OKC will likely pass on Rubio because of Russell Westbrook
-Sacramento likes Rubio, but they are not sold. Apparently Sacramento is growing to love Jonny Flynn and might even take him at 4.
-Rubio is apparently dodging Washington because his people feel like sharing a back-court with Gil Arenas will not work
-Minny appears to be leaning towards Curry or Evans
-Golden State can use Rubio, but they have a rocky relationship with Dan Fegan, Rubio’s agent.
-New York… the only problem here is the lost salary for dropping down to 8. But Rubio would be nuts not to be thrilled with playing here in NY. Whatever salary he would lose by slipping to 8, Rubio would make back in endorsements. No problem.
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