Ford also says that the Atlanta Hawks are shopping Josh Smith, but that the Hawks might have trouble finding a taker. Smith has a $6 million trade kicker that a team will have to pay immediately if they trade for Smith. With a tough economy, will GMs and owners be willing to pay that?

Aside from a chance to move Curry, i would stay away from Smith and his contract. He is a good shot-blocker, but he makes a great deal of money.

Wow. Moving Smith would be a major move for the Hawks. At 23, Smith is still growing as a player and can be a real force real soon.

Lastly, Chris Broussard is reporting that Donnie Walsh has tried to pawn off Eddy Curry on the Suns in an attempt to get Shaq.

Nice try. The Suns would save a ton next year by taking Curry and Mobley. But Curry obviously has two years left.
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I think this is a guy we should not hesitate twice to go after...
he is perfect for D'Antoni and the knicks
he is a two way guy that blocks shots rebounds the ball and is very explosive on the offensive end and on top of that he is only 23 and gets better and better every year
there is no doubt in my mind that before long he can very well be an all star caliber player
the hawks need to shed cap as well as add some key components to the team
i would definately package a mobley, jeffries, and nate for smith's expensive contract
if not then trade chandler mobley and jeffries...
either way they recieve the cap relief with mobley the large yet not long contract of jeffries and some young talent in either chandler or nate
in my oppinion smith will be way better than chandler anyway and can play either sf or pf

then our lineup for the future can feature
lee pf/c
smith pf/sf
gallinari sf/pf/sg
our draft pick this year (flynn, holiday, curry, rubio, evens) all pg some pg/sg

and maybe chandler if we dont trade him sf/sg

wed also have harrington, duhon, hughes, qrich to either deal or let walk

this team will be extremely young and talented and appealing to stars in the future... lebron, wade amare or bosh would be able to step in very nicely and lead this young talented balanced team to great success and more importanly , since the team is young the success will occur over a long period of time

what are your guys thoughts.... i would rather add a guy like smith along with a shooting and dishing pg with the number 8 and maybe a shooting guard in the second round like ellington rather than an older athlete like odom who may have only 4 or 5 good more years left in him