Ohh and it feels always good when Italy looses. I hate their type of play. Catenacio and defending with 11 man. They take the fun out of the game. I was so pissed when they beat us in the 2006 semis (Part German lol)

2 of their 4 world cups have been won with El Duce in the stands when no one relly had a professional national team.

The only Italian team i enjoy watchin is AC Roma because TOtti is a genius and i Romani play nothing like a prototypical Italian team. They don't defend and commit fouls, they simply circulate the ball enjoy the game.

As far as the Azurri NT goes my dad has it down when he says that IF Italy scores a goal you better switch the TV of because they will defend and kick the hell out of the joy of the game.

Sorry Giants89FLY but i get passionate when it comes to the beautifull game lol