I have been watching a lot of pre-draft workouts.

I wanted to make a thread where we can have some fun and pick some players from the draft and predict there outcomes in this league. To keep things simple I just used three ratings: bust, roleplayer, star.

Stephen Curry (star): Everytime I watch this kid I am more amazed. I do not think I ever seem such an amazing shooter coming into any draft. I mean JJ doesn't even come close to this assassin. I don't think "The best shooter in the world" is just a given nickname. He is also pretty quick. He moved better and seemed in better control with the ball then all the PG prospects except for lawson.

Eric Maynor (roleplayer): Kid is extremely smart and will make a good floor general. He just needs to work on his defensive fundementals. His workouts have been pretty good.

Ty Lawson (Star): He has looked great during workouts. He has done everything right. Actually the best looking PG imo.

BJ Mullens (Bust): He has an ugly game and he looks lost most of the time. After watching some of this workouts I cannot justify drafting this guy.

Jrue Holiday (Bust): I really thought this kid was going to be something until I watched his workouts. In High School he looked amazing. In college he has looked ok. But in the workouts he has looked like poop. I can only imagine what happens when he is in the NBA.

Tyler Hansbrough (Roleplayer): He will be good in the NBA. His work ethic is off the wall. His attitude and drive makes up for his physical weaknesses. It seems like he wills himself to play better. His workouts have looked great.