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    Have you ever had a dream, and didnt know what the **** it was about?
    Well, dreams are known to be crazy and confusing. Usually, one does not have control over the dreams. So what is a dream? It is....

    a succession of images, thoughts, or emotions passing through the mind during sleep.

    the sleeping state in which this occurs.

    an involuntary vision occurring to a person when awake. (or asleep)

    There are five different types of dreams: ordinary, lucid, telepathic,
    premonitory, and nightmare. They often blend and merge with one another.


    During the day our conscious minds are active, but at night the subconscious takes over. Ordinary dreams are based on the activity of the unconscious in response to what we have seen or heard in our waking hours. Even a single thought can trigger a dream. Automatic unconscious stores of knowledge that have made an impression remain filed in the brain and unperceived until "read" by dream symbols, which are "the language of the soul." Events of the day and from years past are mirrored in the sleeping mind, as seemingly long-forgotten memories can resurface in dream imagery. The soul is particularly susceptible to the bygone memories that are brought to light through pictures in the mind's eye. In addition to being clairvoyant, dreams are also clairaudient, as we hear souls speak in our minds' ears. Clairvoyance means "clear sight." It is the supernatural ability to see people and events far away in time or location. Clairaudience means clear hearing. It is the faculty to hear with the mind's ear. Words spoken to us in our dreams should be taken literally, because such spiritual communication can show us how we should be when awake. You can get the best out of your future by understanding
    what a dream is saying to you pictorially and verbally.


    A lucid dream is one that you can control because you are aware that you are dreaming. You can also decide what to dream about before going to sleep and then dream about the very thing that you planned to.


    Telepathy, known as "the language of the angels," allows the dead and the living to speak in dreamland. In this meeting place, death is no barrier, and the living cross the threshold into a heavenly sphere of existence. This mental communication can also occur mind-to-mind between two living people. We may send our own or receive others' intentional or unintentional thoughts as mental visions in dreams. Extended telepathy during sleep is a communion between two worlds, the nighttime world of the soul and the daytime world of the body.


    Premonitory dreams are similar to telepathic dreams in that your spirit leaves your body and ventures on a voyage of discovery. Premonitory dreams are special because they reveal the future and allow the dreamer to see truths that are not accessible in waking life. In telepathic dreams, we can also detect information about an imminent event. Dreams are the catalyst that put your body into motion to follow and fulfill your wishes and desires.


    Most nightmares are linked to early childhood, when we are inexperienced and therefore dependent on others. Before the age of three, we have not yet developed a sense of conscience and of right and wrong. Nightmares are representations of a suppressed, original fear commonly created by excessively strict parental or sibling moral standards and the threat of punishment in the face of innocence.
    In nightmares you may perceive a warning for yourself or for a loved one. To be forewarned is to be forearmed: if you first see a frightful event in a dream, you can prevent harm from happening in waking life. For example, nightmares can warn against acting on impulse, as well as show that certain feelings and emotions are unhealthy. Not all nightmares are nasty predictions or unwholesome signs.
    A nightmare may also relate to an old, unsolved problem that is so frightening to face that we are unable to continue to dream and the emotional terror wakes us in distress without offering a solution.

    Now, i have started a dream log, for dreams have meanings.
    For example.....
    Have you ever dreamt of a shadowy figure, like this?
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    The Shadow knows who you really are. . .not the one you pretend to be to your family, friends, co-workers and neighbours. It is your hidden self, the real you. And it visits your dreams often appearing as an animal, often a wolf.

    It illustrates how we humans all have a dark side to our personalities, our bad side that we hide from view. Only in our dreams do you actually get to see this side emerge as it enters the dream story. You wake up wondering just who was that creature? Why did I conjure up that image to scare me half to death? Perfectly normal and common folks.
    Shadow Dreams have a message for you that you should become aware of.

    Admit to yourself that you do have a selfish thought now and then, that you have sometimes been cruel, or even rude to someone. That's your shadow self in action. But you quickly become aware and suppress it. So your shadow persona pops up in your dream showing you acting very much unlike your waking self doing things your conscious self probably would never do.

    Now, i have never dreamt about this, (or i dont remember so) but it is very common. I have started a dream log because people tend to forget dreams within 24 hours or less. I have also found that if i write about a dream i had, and i look back on it a week later, it doesn't seem like bs after all once i find the meaning.

    Also, if you have had a dream and do not know what the hell it means, i will define the meaning of this dream for you, so if you want (and you definitely should), post away.

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    my bad for the 2nd post, just use the other one.

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