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    Default Possible Larry Hughes for Mike Miller Swap?

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    According to CHAD FORDE BUZZ (Tommy Dee?):

    "Another note, and this makes a ton of sense. In talking to some peeps down in DC, there is serious clamoring that Agent Zero wants to reunite with Larry Hughes and if the aforementioned deal goes down between the Wizards and the Wolves, Mike Miller and a smaller piece could work in exchange for Hughes."

    Hmmm.... That would be sweet, especially if we get James as well. Anyway, is this possible? What are the rules? Are they allowed to turn around and trade Miller after recently getting him?

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    If picks aren't involved, I honestly don't care. Mike Miller isn't that much better than Hughes. It's pretty much a lateral move.

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    Originally Posted by JayJ44
    If picks aren't involved, I honestly don't care. Mike Miller isn't that much better than Hughes. It's pretty much a lateral move.
    Yes but Mike Miller takes no risk. hes a way smarter shooter.

    10 ppg on 48 percent shooting
    37% from downtown compared to hughes twenty something
    6.6 rebounds per game....keep in mind they had 2 terrific rebounders already in love and al jefferson.

    He won't take dumb shots (see crawford, jamal)
    He can rebound.

    do it, donnie.

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    yeah system wise, I take mike miller over hughes, question is where do we play miller, 2g 3g. what about the development of chandler and gallo, do we share minutes, personally I wouldnt mind a starting 5 of tyreke evans,mike miller, will chandler, gallo, al harrington. I know we slack on rebounds, but that starting 5 would run any one off the court.

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