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    Default The (John Wall > The World) Thread

    first, i gotta say that I'm incredibly disappointed in the fact that he's not in this years draft.other than griffin, i do not think their is another player that could turn this franchise around like john wall would.and that's the problem.we probably won't end up with the kid.but a player like griffin or wall is the kinda guy we need.

    i personally believe he is the next great guard that will come into the nba.he's just got that "it" factor.i think the kid is going to be a more athletic, and longer cp3 with prime iverson speed.i don't think that trading this years first round pick for a 2010 first round pick (to try to get wall)is a bad thing, cause i john wall is a franchise changing player.they're few players that have the upside that wall has.james,howard, are a few.I'n my opinion, the knicks need to do all(except for tanking, that **** don't work) they can do to position themselves to get wall.

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