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    Default Ewing gets 3% in ESPN Poll

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    Which Player was the best #1 overall pick in the draft lottery era?

    Duncan 29%

    Ewing 3%

    LeBron 38% ????? (what the heck, hes played like 5 seasons)

    Shaq 27% (Ok, but he is still no Ewing)

    David Robinson 3% hahahahahaha <----- LOSER

    Anyways.. Vote up Patrick Ewing, this is horrible
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    No surprise on the weak voting.

    Just another reason why I don't LeBron on the Knicks.I don't want LeBron to be considered the best in an organization's history that had Ewing and Clyde.

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    Shaq is the best #1 pick...
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    Mmm I think its a tough call between Shaq/Ewing/Duncan.

    Ewing ofc because he's a Knick and set this franchise up for some great years, would have had some championships if not for Jordan and the Bulls.

    Shaq and Duncan can't be denied due to the amount of titles they have won.

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