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    Default Conspiracy Theory: Ricky had to be drafted for the Knicks, right?

    Ok, when Rubio was selected at 5th I kicked the air like most Knick fans, but, I wasnt really expecting him to fall to 8. But, when Minny selected Flynn, not Curry (more on that in a second) I got a bit excited, not that Curry was going to NY, but, Rubio had to be on the move. It seemed a trade had to be in the works, and who else had the chips to nab him in the lottery. But, we selected Hill (Wolves already have Jefferson) and that notion faded quickly.

    Ok, but Minny story is not adding up, here is why...They at first said they thought both players could play sided by side. Well since Rubio is the furthest thing from a combo guard and Flynn at best can give you a few spot minutes the SG, but, is in no way a full time starter at that position, then why would they draft them both. Why would they try to tell that blatant lie? It Doesnt add up, Why if they wanted a player who could play with Rubio or Flynn did they not just Draft Curry, who can play the SG? Drafting Rubio and Curry gives them the best draft of the night!

    Now yesterday they said they drafted Flynn because they knew Rubio might bounce. Ok, then why not go for the sure shot move and draft Curry and Flynn? Both players report to Minny and you let G-State deal with Rubio's contract and desire to play there? Curry and Flynn in the same draft is considered a good night, Rubio and Flynn leaves heads scratching.

    Or why not Draft Curry and Rubio, and in the event that Rubio fails to report, you still got one of the most coveted players in the draft?

    Why report to ESPN 10 minutes after the Flynn pick was made that you were keeping both, essentially shooting down all trade inquiries on one of most busy day for draft day trades (and on a trade day with All Stars being let go for nothing) without hearing options for a player you thought you'd might lose anyways?

    Then there is the Ty Lawson pick, obviously the trade with Denver was done before this pick was ever made. After all Donnie Walsh did say that his former protege always is thinking 3 and 4 steps ahead on every move he makes. He clearly did with Lawson, and likely did with Rubio, the question is was it for his former mentor?

    Or why not keep Lawson if they thought Rubio might not report? Again Flynn had to be the player they thought could play the SG if they kept Rubio and Flynn, so drafting Ty Lawson gives them that same option. Not to mention, by time Lawson was picked Rubio's agent by then had to let them know Rubio was considering going back to Spain, another reason they wouldve thought to hold on to Lawson. They couldve traded Lawson to Den all Summer, why do it so soon with the possibility of having Rubio bolt?

    And lastly, the order of the picks. Drafting Rubio first and then Flynn seems like a formality more than anything right? Wrong! If they took Flynn first (the player that it seems they really intended on keeping all along) then it saved them about 1.5 million over the life of the contract by picking Flynn with the 6th not the 5th.

    As a Knick fan it my job, to be overly optimistic about the Knicks getting the best players. So maybe I'm looking too much into it, but, Minny certainley had more logical options than drafting Rubio. Now plus that with Walsh's connection with Kahn and you now have reason to think that the Rubio could've been for us all along.

    Only time will tell!
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