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Patrick Ewing was to return to the court, continuing his illustrious career as a 10-minute a night backup to his pupil Yao Ming.
"I'm not making a comeback. I"m just here to help fill an injury hole," said Ewing... supposedly.

ClutchFans reported Thursday that Patrick Ewing was activated by the team, but instead it was the 8th straight year of an April Fools Gag done by the site

Every year a joke situation seems to present itself due to a situation with the team, and 'Ewing Activated' made sense. Jeff Van Gundy has been scooping up anything with New York ties and Kelvin Cato's injury has left the Rockets in need of some interior work.

I used the official Rockets site to backup the claim, renaming it to "ROOKETS.COM", and "photochopped" the press conference photo, adding background, shading, faded logos and microphones to a past Ewing photo.

It was funny to watch the reaction of some, both those who were fooled and those who weren't. This is the 8th straight year of an April Fools joke on the site, and it's expected/anticipated by the majority of the site's fans. As a result, trying to slide one by most is like trying to slow-pitch a cantaloupe past Mickey Mantle.