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    Default Best uses for Cutino's contract?

    Third new thread this morning and I have only been awake for 1 hour, gotta love Vacation!

    You know this contract has become a real Gem for us having this contract. 80% insured on 9.5 million means a team could trade us a 10 million dollar player and only have to pay 1.5 million in return. In these tough times 8.5 million dollars is a fortune to the mid to lower market teams. Here are some of the places where we could send that contract.

    Before we get started I must mention the best thing would be to wait until the trade deadline because teams will be looking to cut cost like crazy then and you never know who may be available. But, my lack of patience is why I am not a NBA GM and I want to get a deal done this Summer! Plus the that tactic didnt work for Portland and Raef Lefrentz last year.

    1.Trade for T-Mac: Why not!? package Hughes and Cuttino, McGrady at 75% is equal to having Hughes anyways, McGrady at 90% (100% waived bye bye to T-Mac years ago) is our leading scorer. Ofcourse his contract expires after this season making this a win win if he does play well, he'll be playing for a new contract so he should be as good as he can be. if he tanks we got him for nothing anyways! With Yao looking done for the year, why not save some money?

    2.Trade for TJ Ford: Indy wants to re-new the contract of Jared Jack, and if they do it will not be to have him play backup. Meaning they will be looking to trade Ford. Now there first bet will be to try to find equal talent at another position, but, if that falls through, cap relief should be just fine considering the NBA is going to mandate that they settle the Tinsley issue before opening Night 2009, so 8 million extra dollars should lessen the blow of the 12 or so they are going to have to eat to release Tinsley. Catch is that Ford does have an option in 2010 (why this isnt the #1 option to me), but, he is a player NY may pursue anyways in 2010, so already having him on the books isnt really a bad thing.

    Now given how good Duhon -a third string PG- looked last year, Ford should explode running the point and could choose to test the market, thus nullifying his contract length isssue anyways. But Ford running the show for us, will make us a much better team. 14 pts 6 ast last year is in Indy easily 16 and 8.

    3. Tyson Chandler (only if we can trade Jefferies or Curry first): This is number three because it has a major contingency and that is we need to move Curry or Jefferies first. And I do mean we don't even discuss this deal until one of them (preferably Curry) is off the books. But if we manage that enormous task, then we can offer the new NBA Salary leading,low revenue generating, looking to dump salary Hornets Mobley and a throw in (Sene works) for Chandler.

    Probably could squeez a 2010 pick in this scenerio from the Hornets
    "I'd Rather Melo shoot with 3 men on him than Jefferies shotting wide open"

    -Jeff Van Gundy

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    By adding Jordan Hill and Darko my interest in Tyson Chandler went from slim to none. He's got injury issues which means he's never going to opt out of his contract and that would really be taking a big risk for the 2010 plan on a player who is injury prone and in all honesty not that good.

    I like the idea of maybe taking a chance on TMac for one year. I'd play out the summer and if thats sitting there late in the summer i'd jump on that. TMac has been a dissappointment as of late but in his contract year on the biggest stage in NBA he'd most likely put up big time numbers.

    I'm a TJ Ford fan but again he's always injured. I'd rather pursue Sessions or another point guard possibility.

    But overall i agree with you that we should hold on to the contract until we can get something we truely need. No need to rush
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    Originally Posted by GetRealistic
    By adding Jordan Hill and Darko my interest in Tyson Chandler went from slim to none. He's got injury issues which means he's never going to opt out of his contract and that would really be taking a big risk for the 2010 plan on a player who is injury prone and in all honesty not that good.
    Co-sign. I went off Chandler right after the dismal NO playoff "run". Crap center.

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    there is no need for another center now.... we have hill darko curry lee and sene
    so no to chandler

    tmac will not play alot of the one season we would have him so that is a waste..... unless we dump curry.... we dump curry then YES otherwise no

    and tj ford is not worth it.... injury prone
    i would rather sign a ramon sessions or obtain rubio or sign a veteran like kidd or obtain nash.... all of these points will make your players values go up because they pass first and create shots
    chandler gallo hill and lee will have better seasons with these guys at point which makes them more valuable for trades or more attractive to incoming free agents

    best and only way to use cuttinos contract is to dump curry or jeffries to guarentee we get 2 max level FA's
    the only other thing i canthink of is to grab a first round 2010 pick from a bottom of league team like memphis or nj
    maybe nate and cuttino to jersey for whatever and a 2010 first rounder?

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