-I did not know to much about Morris Almond before we signed him. After reading some scouting reports on him, and seeing some highlights, the kid can flat out play. Talk about a nice 2 gaurd to have on our team. Now I dont expect him to start or produce like Hughes does. But the potential is there, walsh and dantoni can do a lot with this and make this a great investment. 6'6 with a 7'0 wingspan, good enough atheltic ability, great shooter to be on the wing in dantonis system. Limit his turnovers and we may have a great SG of the future.

-Jaon Kidd...I would never say no to having Kidd as our PG. If they can get him at a decent price that wont kill us for next years FA than great. I still would rather have Ramon Sessions as our PG, he may cost more than Kidd because more team are interested in him. But our PG situation should be adressed this year. Steve Nah would be good but him and Kidd are both on there way out. Sessions is an up and coming star.

-Eddy Curry and Jared Jeffries. PLEASE LEAVE.

-Jordan Hill. Hey I think this kid can be a great player. How is he not like Amare Stoudimire when he was drafted, Amare out of HS was so raw, a lot of atheltic ability, ok jump shot. Now look at him. Jordan Hill is very athletic but has a mid range game unlike Amare did in year 1. So lets see if he can end up a stud.

-Tony Douglas-Ben gordon is 6'3 and I think he is doing fine. Tony Douglas will be a good backup. The ACC defender of the year, ask Levance Fields on Pitt what Douglas is like when he held him to 2 points. I think he is our Eddie House, small 2 gaurd who can shoot lights out and play great defense.

-Nate and Dlee-Looks like they may be here, more so Lee. Nate we can do a S n T most likely.

-Danilo Gallinari-Excited to see what he could do, reminds me exactly of Hedou Turkaglou, I think Danilio will make himself comfortable on the wing with his great shot, give him some explosion and injury free and he will be a good player.

-Darko-It is never bad to have a 7'0 tall backup center. Lets see what he can do in the system. Low risk high reward gamble.

My ideal roster for 2009..
SG:Larry Hughes/Nate/ Tony Douglas/Morris Almond
SFanilo Galinari/Wilson Chandelar.
PF: David Lee/Al Harrington
C:Jordan Hill/Darko

My Ideal roster for 2010

PG: Ramon Sessions
SG:Morris Almond/Tony Douglas
SF: Lebron James/ Danilo Galinari
PFavid Lee
C: Jordan Hill

The reason I have No bosh in 2010, is I would ratrher have Lee and Sessions or Lee and Kidd who would cost the same as Bosh would.

Just some thoughts for everyone...