if we dont land a big name player next summer for the 2010 campaign
does walsh hold his money and wait for 2011 or does he splurge on second tier stars just to add players.

here is the list of probable stars in 2011 who are FA.

Josh Smith
Gerald wallace
Maurice Williams
Rip hamilton
Stephen Jackson
Baron Davis
Andrew Bynum
Al Jefferson
Devin Harris
Chris paul
Dwight Howard
Rashard lewis
Jameer Nelson
Kevin Martin
Jose Calderon
Deron Williams

Is it possible we could sign a player like amare, bosh, wade, lebron.

and wait one more year for curry's contract to run out or jefferies and then go after our second man in 2011.

could you imagine Chris paul, Chandler, Gallo, Lebron, Hill. as our 2011-2012 starting line up. W. Douglas, Darko, and Almond coming off the bench.

65 + win team for several years in a row.