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There are expendable 3rd string PG's in the NBA, unfortunately for your weak arguement, Arroyo is a NBA starter. An NBA starter of a PLAYOFF TEAM, that won 47 games, twice more than Duhon has had in his last two seasons, there is no comparison.

Arroyo ain't no star, but he definitely isn't a scrub which makes your argument weak.

and Arroyo playoff stats mean nothing since he was playing behind All Star PG with Chauncey Billups, 19 games out of the 30 or so games he played.

Arroyo is more of an intangibles guy, he doesn't play the pad his stats.

Arroyo plays turnover free basketball, creating opportunity and plays for his teammates and his rhythm with the ball makes the offense flow in sync. Miami's offense saw great improvement when they benched Alston and Chalmers, two point guards who are superior to Duhon, for Arroyo.

and its not even a question if Arroyo is established. Everyone in the NBA and the world knows he's talented and gifted, that isn't even a question(unless your a hater). Arroyo in the past was immature and hard headed, thus leading to him getting traded. But the fact remains he has a lot of skill and talent this team can use, he's a proven international star, and one of the best ball handlers in the NBA. He's a strong PG at 6"2 and 202 lbs with good midrange jumper and can use the pick and roll as good as anyone in the league. His weaknesses are his 3pt range and he's not a blazing fast PG, but not slow by any means.

Getting traded alot doesn't mean your bad at all. Business is business. You're obviously reaching here and not making any sense. Arroyo would be a nice upgrade for us, period. STOP HATING kid. Thanks.
I never argued against him not being an upgrade. He's an experienced veteran who has seen a lot in his NBA stints with a variety of teams. But, i guess the premise of my argument was in light of our 2010 plan to put a contender on the court.

The playoff stats i posted were relevant considering he was on the Jazz getting minutes in the playoffs...not playing behind Chauncey. But anyway, he seemingly disappears in every playoff series...no denying that as evident by his drop in stats during the playoffs. Stats dont lie...its fair to say that Arroyo is an intangibles guy, but the discrepency in stats cant be denied.

I wouldnt mind Arroyo and dont hate him a a player, but if im building a winner, i stay away from Arroyo and look for my PG elsewhere because free agency is putting out dud PGs this year.

You cant honestly think passing on Arroyo was as big a blunder as passing on Lopez...cmon man really?