Worst come to worst, we don't get Kidd, Nash, or Rubio...Arroyo would be the best option left.

World reknown for being the best Olympic PG in this decade, he has been a solid NBA PG who has threaten and caused panic(because he's Hispanic) to other PG's starting jobs such as Nelson and Billups...actually won the job in Orlando...and at the end you saw how Nelson ended the season for Orlando in the finals with his awful preformance.

Arroyo isn't Nash, but he can work the pick and roll with perfection and has an excellent midrange shot and is a very slick scorer.

Arroyo could be a short term guy till we draft a PG (Hopefully John Wall).
Not only because he's PR and MSG will be rocking with passionate PR fans (Finally all those YUPPIES could leave MSG and stop acting like its a church)

But because he's a GOOD PG.
Not great, but Arroyo is capable of being more productive and efficient than Duhon.

Check this out: