Carlos Arroyo again... okay, i have nothing against carols arroyo. solid player, good floor general, good size, above average passing ability, around average defender, thirty years old..

the only reason the thirty year old thing bothers me for someone like Carlos compared to Andre Miller is because Andre has played the NBA game and succeeded for years Carlos not so much and then for him to jump back into the game and get off the rust is not worth the risk.

We are better off with Duhon who is younger, a backup just like Arroyo should be at this rate and dont have to go through any contract negotations plus we already know what we are getting with him. nothing special but not a hassle.

and i can honestly say the only reason we are talking Carlos Arroyo right now is because he is puerto rican. thats the only reason i talk about Gallinari with high hope.. because he is italian haha