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    Default Curry looking big, but healthy & dunking

    Curry is in the building.... He has arrived in LV and is at tonight's practice. This is from Alan Han (Newsday) twitter: ([Only registered and activated users can see links. ])

    "Running real well...dunking with ease which was not something he did at all last year. Knee issues seem behind him. But he still looks big."

    I guess this is good news. If he can get back to scoring 18 points a game, and banging some bigs.... He'll make a nice C-trio w/ Darko & Hill. It gives NY options.

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    Big? He's always been a big guy...and if he was working with a strength coach odds are he might've gotten even stronger, who knows.

    But in any case it's good to hear that he's in decent shape. He's running well and his knee isn't bothering him, which is a HUGE step (goodness to take the pain off of that knee he probably had to lose like 30 pounds alone)

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