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LAS VEGAS - [Only registered and activated users can see links. ] had sweat glistening off his forehead as he sprinted down the floor with a swift bounce. He cut, spun and caught a well-placed alley-oop from rookie Toney Douglas for a dunk that a few months ago would have been almost impossible for him to complete.

But yesterday, in a practice here with [Only registered and activated users can see links. ]' summer league team at Valley High School, the 6-11 Curry looked as if he was back to form after a season in which he was only able to play a total of 12 minutes in two games because of weight, conditioning and knee issues.

After the workout, Curry spoke about his determination to get his game back.

"I really want to dominate," he said, "and show the New York fans and the organization what they brought me here for."

"I don't feel like my career is in jeopardy or anything like that," Curry said. "I'm not at any crossroads. For myself, I want to make the best of this situation. I want to salvage these last two years."

"I'm going to be ready, no matter what," he said. "Whether it's here or wherever."


Have to say- Eddie Curry is the difference-maker for the NY Knicks. Both this year and next.

1- He can play well enough to help us reach the playoffs in 2009.
2- He can play so well that it actually helps Lebron make the jump to NY.
3- He plays well enough where we can trade him this year

I would LOVE for Curry to get his life back together. Become a presence in the paint.... Be a BIG horse....


With Harrington, Darko, Douglas, Hill.

If Curry gets back to form this year.... and Danilo & Hill show promise.... How could Lebron turn that down to play with those old farts in CLE?