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    Default Curry expected to come in at around 325 lbs

    Newsday 7/14/09

    Curry's trainer weatherspoon states

    "curry weighs 328 lbs"

    which is reported as being 30 lbs lighter than when he came in

    He states that if curry went back to his usual 285 he would be a skinny kid

    and that the regimen he is on right now is strictly for mobility and changing fat into muscle.

    weatherspoon was quoted on stating "honestly, when coaches are saying he has to get back to 285 they are delusional" " They dont have a clue; thats not where he can go, if he goes back to 285 that would make him a scrawny kid. One of the things we are doing is adding more muscle now".

    personally I like what im hearing. and also that the team pushed him into running full practices with the vegas squad were he did very well despite borrowing herb williams sneakers, in exchange for his flippy floppys lol.

    Honestly I think the past is behind him, and as knicks fans i dont blame the nervosa in expecting and then being let down again, but I think the media hype, the financial woes, and the fact that at 26 going on 27 curry is maturing and hitting that age in life where ou kinda change your outlook on things and how you want to be known. Some times tragedy can do that to you, sometimes not, but I feel that Curry is turning a corner
    seem afraid

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    So he weighed 358 and dropped 30 pounds to 328 and that's an improvement, wtf. That trainer doesn't know squat saying at 285 Curry would be skinny, he's saying it just so Curry keeps him around. The weight on his knees and feet can cause injury problems, just ask Yao Ming.

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    Shaq's fat ass is listed at 325, probably more like 350, Dwight Howard is listed at 265, could be 285 in reality, so Curry at 285 wont be skinny, that's bull****. On the other hand defending Curry will be more difficult with the weight he's got. As long as he can run in the 7 seconds required, the weight shouldn't be a problem.

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    His weight won't be a problem if it allows him to physically overpower other centers...and if it doesn't bother his knee...

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    How can you say "his weight won't be a problem if". He's been a fat bastard before and he's been useless. He hasn't proven anything to anyone. Whether he is fat or not he still has to do something to prove he's anyways half decent.
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