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    Originally Posted by StreetDreams21
    Change 10 Mil a lil overpriced, to plain overpriced.

    I Would give him 5 years 43 Mil or something like that, giving him the least money for the 10-11 season, which he said he did not mind doing.
    I said a lil overpriced at 10mill/year because his contract will still be fairly easy to trade (if we need to) at 11mill/year harder to trade and at 12mill/year even harder.
    But if you want I can agree 10mill/year is plain overpriced.

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    Default Lee's contract

    There are limitations in the CBA that restrict increases in salaries over the term of a contract. I believe that yearly increases cannot be more than 10.5% of the first year contract salary.

    If we were to give Lee a 5 year contract that averaged $9M, then for its second year, 2010-11, if my arithmetic is correct, his salary would be a little over $8M for that cap season. If we add $8M to the 2010 contracts for Curry, Jefferies, Hill, Chandler, Gallinari and Douglas, we will be up to $35M for 7 players. The cap for 2010 is anticipated to be from $50M to $53M. A star player will cost at least 30% of the cap -- $15M to $16M -- and that will be an appreciable discount from what his current team can pay.

    We had better count on eliminating Curry and Jefferies, if we expect to keep Lee and have anyhting left for the 2010 free agents.

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