By no moves, I mean no changes to our roster, meaning we keep Lee and Nate.

Look for better or worst Walsh is sticking to this 2010 plan and we have to come to the realization that possibly this will be the team we head into training camp with.

With that said, who is your starting five, based on talent. What I mean is, not putting Curry in the starting five simply to boost his trade value.

PG: Well no mystery here, if no moves are made Duhon wins by default. No way Nate or Toney Douglas are given the keys.

SG: I like Larry Hughes, I think that he is the best fit for the position, but Wilson Chandler -while not a true SG by no means- would get the nod from Dantoni to convince folks we have a future. But Hughes look ok at times coming to us from Chi. where he was on the bench most of the time, he should look really good being able to start the season a Knick. He and Duhon is a pretty backcourt on D.

SF:This is tough, because I am pulling for Danillo, Walsh needs for Danillo to have a great season, but the Knicks are better off starting Al Harrington here.

PF: Another no Brainer, but unlike the Duhon selection this one is based off him being the best. David Lee is the best PF The Knicks have had since LJ retired. He is arguably our best player, if (big if) we re-sign him he and Duhon are our sure shot starters.

Center:Well with Al at the SF and David at the PF, there is no mystery as to who our starting Center will be from my point of view. Look if (another big if) Eddy Curry comes into camp in the shape that his trainers are talking about gettig him into, then he is our starting Center. He and David should be a 30 pt 19 reb frontcourt....of course they will average less than a blk between the two of them and they should give up more points than any other frontcourt tandem in the league.

So lets look at what in all likelyhood will be our team.


  1. Nate
  2. Wilson
  3. Danillo
  4. Hill
  5. Millic
I tell you what, we will find out how good Dantoni is as a coach if that is our lineup, because I think a good coach could win 35 or more (especially playing in the East) with that lineup.