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    Default Predictions Time: Will be chanting for Mike or calling for his head this season?

    I gotta question for you all, who was the last Knick coach to coach on three consecutive opening nights? Give was Jeff Van Gundy!

    Don Cheany was gone after two opening nights, Lenny Wilkens doesnt ever coach one full season as Knick coach, Larry Brown one and done, and of course the man that fired and brought in most of those coaches only coaches two full seasons because he got Dummy Dolan to like him.

    Will Mike Dantoni be the next to coach 3 opening nights?

    Well my thinking is yes, but in a sport with a short memory for past success (and a city with an even shorter memory) Mike Dantoni's claim to fame as a great coach in Phoenix is starting to lose its luster and he will now be assessed on how he does as The coach of The Knicks, never mind his job with the very talent Phoenix teams.

    Its time to earn your keep Mike, you are no longer the former COY that is gracing us with your presence on the sidelines, we need you to show us some good coaching this year. Now NY fans are smart so as much as we want the playoffs, his expectations will not be that this year, but he must did Dummy Dolan put it....."evident progress", or the Fire Dantoni chants will ring loud in the garden.

    The Knicks are not a bad team on paper, he is back with the same squad he had last year (as of today) so none of this "players are still learning the system", this is the year we need to show hope for the future.
    "I'd Rather Melo shoot with 3 men on him than Jefferies shotting wide open"

    -Jeff Van Gundy

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    Hold up, you said we have a good team on paper? I won't get into that, I'll stick to the thread. Well I think D'antoni has overachieve in all his coaching seasons going back to Phoenix. After his 2004-2005 Suns team that won 62 games he lost Joe Johnson, Quentin Richardson, Amare (major knee injury) for the 2005-2006 season and the team won 54 games that season. D'antoni wasn't allowed to use the draft to get by the Spurs since the team sold almost all the draft picks from 2004-2007 keeping payroll down. The sold picks include Rudy Fernandez, Sergio Rodriguez, Luol Deng. In his 4 complete season with the Suns he average 58 wins a season in a very tough Western Conference, so he did overachieve with the roster he had Amare takin a year and a half to recover from microfracture surgery.

    Just last season he won 26 games after getting rid of his 3 best players Marbury, Crawford, Randolph. The team started 6-3 before trading Crawford and Randolph that same day with the team 6-5. Had the 2010 plan not being there we would of made the playoffs last season for sure. But the goal was to cut salary just like his 2004 Suns team that traded Penny Hardaway and Marbury to sign a Steve Nash. To have us win 32 games last season without Gallinari and the other mentioned is a job well done. Until we sign at least one great player I won't tune out our coach since he has great record of never giving up no matter the situation and team he has. Last season was the funnest season to watch since 1997 for me. We are headed the right way with him as our coach! We'll be fine.

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    Agreed. We dumped our three best players and still improved by 10 games. Give this squad more time to mesh and play better as a team and I think we'll be a good team. You can't expect D'Antoni to bring us to the playoffs with David Lee as your starting C and Chris Duhon as your starting PG...he doesn't have a whole lot to work with and maybe now that he has a shotblocker and someone to back Duhon up (frankly Duhon really wore down in the 2nd half but he was playing pretty well in the first half considering he didn't really have a quality backup and there were some games where he actually played all 48 minutes) not to mention more time to work with a set squad...odds are we could improve by 10 games and probably by more than that if we wise up and realize that Nate Robinson should not be taking any 4th quarter shots

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    I think he will be coaching past '10-'11. Besides, I think Walsh would be first to go if the team doesn't get better.

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