thank you suffering Knicks fan. you snooze, you lose talent. i hope DW will at least make an effort to get Ram Sessions. Andre Miller would have been worth 21M/3 years without screwing entire cap situation, he deserved what we offered JKidd, and been a MAJOR improvement over Duhon. 21M = Jefferies 3 yr salary. Sessions is worth 4M per, he's solid. Dan D'antoni, who coached the kid years ago, must have some pull, and know something to affect situation.
Sessions > Duhon
Sessions > N8
Altho playing waiting game is probably going to work out if both Lee and N8 sign. I'm happy to chillax and let DW play his cards, but it pains me to see every other team get better by leaps and bounds, and the only players DW talks to is old or a wafer or a bender and I'd rather see that money go to Sessions. or DLee & N8.