New York Knicks
OK, so the best-laid plans went out the window when those evil Golden State Warriors swooped in and carried off Stephen Curry one pick early on Draft night. Does that mean the Knicks have been frozen in paralysis since then? Unless, of course, you're thinking that the arrival of Darko Milicic is the change that NY fans can believe in.

President Donnie Walsh is still waiting for David Lee and his agent to come down in their contract demands or come in with an offer sheet from another team that the Knicks will presumably match. Nate Robinson is flirting with Olympiakos of Greece.

Draft picks Jordan Hill and Toney Douglas showed flashes in the Summer League, but no indication they're ready to play key roles right away. They can keep an eye on the Boozer situation, commit themselves to an up-and-coming point guard in Ramon Sessions or fall back and go with Miller. But the Knicks have to do something besides wait for the summer of 2010.

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And it's absolutely right.

What about the meantime?

I'm sick of Donnie's secrecy personally. I like his shrudeness (spelling) in the Lee stakes, I like his smoke and mirrors when asked probing questions by annoying members of the media as well.

But wtf is going on?

Sessions is in, Sessions is out. N8's staying, N8's going. Curry is fit, Curry is fat.

We're in a constant whirl pool of misinformation.

I really want next year to be a good one for us, and all this lack of action is pretty concerning IMO. The reason being; if we lose Lee without getting someone as effective in return, we are a crap team.

The recent thread about Gallo & Chandler being our leaders next year is ridiculous. If we don't upgrade, we'll miss the playoffs again. **** that!