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    Red....I know my above comment did not have a damn thing to do with Knicks Winning past, present, or future, b/c its all about the $$MONEY$$.

    Recall: in one offseason Isiah Thomas had Dolan buy out Jalen Rose, Taylor, and Larry Brown contract. Now that was some BIG-Paper$, inwhich u will never ever see any team in the league ever do.

    With the strong rumors of the 2010-11 cap salary being reduced 2.5 less than the 2009-10 salary cap....Donnie Walsh is F....ked bad b/c he cant upgrade the team this offseason with the MLE b/c decent FA is not going for that one year rental plan.
    Walsh put his big-foot in his mouth for publically screaming 2010 Plan and then adding Lebron James name in it.
    That caused all kind of un-called for rumors by the Big New York Media throughout last season inwhich Lebron's Agents disliked.

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    Originally Posted by Red
    Had we gotten a PG and a shot blocker that fit our system WE WOULDN'T BE ABLE TO AFFORD A FA STAR NEXT SEASON!! What about "wait til' 2010- we're clearing cap space- it's gonna take 2 yrs" don't you understand? I'm sick of "Fans" saying they understand the plan then b*tchin and moaning b/c they can't wait! What you want is SHORT TERM, and I undrstnd' you don't agree (which could of and was stated 1000x's) but it is what it is. Walsh told you guys the plan from jump and now m*therf*ckers are STILL COMPLAINING. Wake up. I respect you donchris but these statements!!?!? No one will want to come to NY?! So Bostons team was all that before they got the "big three"? People were fiending to go to Utah or Orlando or Charlt. Stop... You can't say people don't want to go to a team that's building for the future with unlimited resources and a top ten coach not to mention a savvy GM. Your fandome hasn't allowed you to embrace this new regime and thus you group all your Isaiah memories and let downs together. Now its you've been waiting years when THESE guys have been on the job 1 YEAR HELLO 1 YEAR!!!!!! After this year we will actually be under the cap- Are There Any Knick Fans Who Are Smart Enough To Comprehend This? Please tell me there are...
    Where do I begin with the inaccuracies in your statement? Let me start with Boston. They had Pierce, an all star and one of the hardest working guards in the league. Love him or hate him, Pierce put Boston on his back for years with little help. That aside, aside from Gasol to L.A., Garnette to Boston was one of the most f*cked up crooked trades in the league. An all-star traded for straight trash and peanuts. Ok, if Walsh has the hook up with some other team it could happen for N.Y. but I wouldn't bank on it.

    Originally Posted by Red
    Had we gotten a PG and a shot blocker that fit our system WE WOULDN'T BE ABLE TO AFFORD A FA STAR NEXT SEASON!!
    *Marcus Camby final year of his contract at $7,650,000
    *Jermain Oneal expiring contract at $22,995,000 (a Hughes,Curry, Lee trade could have worked)
    *Chris Anderson (Denver Nugets) free agent. May add to cap slightly but increase core competitiveness.
    *Marcin Gorat free agent

    These are all players that could have made the Knicks more competitive, which is one of Walsh's mandates. This thinking should have been basic and the first agenda for Walsh in the off season. It doesn't require a great deal of adding salary at all. Get someone in the paint, and in fairness he did. His name is Darko. WOW..... Why not just keep Jerome James.

    PG is easy. Duhon performed well most of last season, he just needs at the very least a back up. That is until we can sign a better guard and make him the back up. I'd be satisfied with Sesson or J. Will.

    My problem with Walsh and DanO isn't the 2010 plan. The plan of getting under the cap is great. But making the Knicks an expansion team equivalent won't attract the great one. Knicks fans put way too much faith in Chandler and Gallinari, as specially Gallinari who is already damaged and unproven in the league.

    Someone said Hill, Gallo and Chandler is a great core. Core of what? Core of role players? Talk to someone that knows sports but is not a Knicks fan. Tell them 'Hey how bout that Danilo Gallinari?' I can almost guarantee you'll get a confused look in return. A 'WTF are you talking about' look. You'll get the same if you start talking up LeBron in 2010.

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