Can EVERYONE get over Marbury -__- I stopped caring about him ever since he became a Celtic. You guys bringing him up just shows how much you guys dickride him holy **** I dont even post here nomore i just come here to check in how my knicks are doing and im STILL seeing Marbury stuff what did he kill your kids or something hop off -__-

well its a GOSPEL song right? hes a religious man now and well most religious people when listening to Gospel cry maybe he was crying about his dad or something but Gospel makes ALOT of people go into tears I have no problem with the video i dont think any less of him by seeing the video and well im not saying I would cry to a gospel song but ALOT of people do ONLY problem I have with this video and this whole topic is

1. Its in a KNICKS forum
2. Why post it on the internet and why with a shirt off?