Well I decided to do a playoff mode in my NBA Live 2004 for PS2. And I set everything up like the playoff tree is suppose to. And of course I'm the Knicks. Well this is not that different from real thing just that I have 6 minutes per quarter instead of 12 minutes per quarter. I also have the dificulty on All-star. And I just played the first game in the Nets vs Knicks match up, and the score is....

Knicks: 52

Nets: 47

Point Guard Match-up: Stephon Marbury for Knicks had 24 points with 4 assits and Jason Kidd had 14 points with 5 assists.

Game Summary: The game was close basically the whole time. In the beginning the Nets extended to as large as a 10-point lead. But then some of the bench came in and the Knicks took the lead. From then it would go back and forth and at the half it was a tie game. Later on in the game, the Knicks took a lead and just barely kept it. The clutch performer of the game was Demarr Johnson with some key three's at the end, especially when the lead was cut to three with Jefferson's three, but then on the next play, Demarr had a quick open look and shot the three before his defender could get to him. Then at the end, the Nets just started fouling the Knicks who made most of those free throws, most of them by Stephon Marbury.

Extra Info: Yes, I had Allan Houston playing, but I didn't play him that much and he just had 5 points.

P.S. Please, no one get mad and reply rude comments to any of my posts for this thread, because remember, its a game. The real thing can be different. But based on the game, these are the results. I am playing with the Knicks and the Nets difficulty is on All-star. And if you want more info about the game, just ask me, and I'll tell you what you want to know, and that's basically anything about the game.