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    WELP, We took a shot at a near 40 jason kidd...A middle aged Grant Hill, a retired J Williams, A washed up jamal tinsly and jerry stackhouse within a month....Our solution is sitting in the knicks office as we speak making moves....

    ...Why not give Allan Houston another shot...He tried last year and didnt make the cut...Im sure Allan will beat Jerry Stackhouse in a 1 on 1 anyday..alls donnie has to do is give him a small bonus on top of the salary he's making and give that man a jersey...Problem solved

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    Let's say if Allan Houston isn't available maybe Walsh can call up Hubert Davis, he would definitely beat Stackhouse and Houston in a three point contest.

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    call stephon.. he's still unemployed

    reggie miller, eric snow, chris mullin blablabla

    this inertia just sucks... but still hoping it all falls into place by next summer
    desde la cuna del chango

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    When Sprewell left the NBA he was still healthy.He'd be the best late 30s veteran in the NBA.

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