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First of all, what's with the name calling? I don't usually argue with strangers on a forum but are you still in Junior High School or did your family forget to teach you how to respect other people?

Second of all, if Allen Iverson is such a great player at this point of his career why didn't the Nuggets keep him? Why aren't the Pistons willing to bring him back? Do you actually believe that the Knicks are going to have so much trouble scoring points under Mike D'antoni's system that they will desperately need to add a player so that he can average more than 20 points a game for them? If you paid close attention to the Knicks last season they were 4th in the league in scoring, averaging more than 105 points per game.Only the Lakers, Warriors and Suns were ahead of the Knicks in scoring.I don't expect that number to dramatically increase or decrease for the Knicks next season.

If you really want Allen Iverson on the Knicks so that he can sell a lot of Knick Jerseys at the NBA store or you just want him on the Knicks to watch him make ESPN Sports Center's top 10 plays then I don't know what else to tell you.
thank you for expressing your opinion. now I will express mine. Your wasting your time. AI will only do good to the team I think. If you respond to this, your wasting your time