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    Originally Posted by jpz17
    if we don't win this year not one FA will sign with us guaranteed.
    The issue is whether or not Iverson will make a difference in getting one of the FA to sign here. A 35 year old past prime, declining Iverson does not do that. So what if he helps the team win a few more games in 2009, he is not a better option from 2010+ than a 26 year old Nate Robinson.

    Regardless, the team's 2009/2010 record will have little effect on Lebron/Wade's decision to sign here. The Knicks have more individual talent anyway than the Cavs/Heat looking at 2010+, the focus for this season is the development of those players that will be here beyond this season. Gallinari, Chandler, Hill and maybe Lee + 1 of Sessions/Nate.

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    **** Iverson Haters.

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