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    Default NY Knicks 09-10 Schedule

    (Red = Away, Blue = Home)

    Wed 28 @ Miami 7:30pm
    Fri 30 @ Charlotte 7:00pm

    Sat 31 vs Philadelphia 7:30pm

    Mon 02 vs New Orleans 7:30pm
    Wed 04 vs Indiana 7:30pm
    Fri 06 vs Cleveland 8:00pm ESPN
    Sat 07 @ Milwaukee 8:30pm
    Mon 09 vs Utah 7:30pm
    Wed 11 vs Atlanta 7:30pm
    Fri 13 vs Golden State 7:30pm
    Wed 18 @ Indiana 7:00pm
    Sat 21 @ New Jersey 1:00pm

    Sun 22 vs Boston 1:00pm
    Tue 24 @ LA Lakers 10:30pm
    Wed 25 @ Sacramento 10:00pm
    Fri 27 @ Denver 9:00pm

    Sun 29 vs Orlando 6:00pm

    Tue 01 vs Phoenix 7:30pm
    Wed 02 @ Orlando 7:00pm
    Fri 04 @ Atlanta 7:30pm

    Sun 06 vs New Jersey 12:00pm
    Mon 07 vs Portland 7:30pm
    Fri 11 @ New Orleans 8:00pm
    Tue 15 @ Charlotte 7:00pm
    Thu 17 @ Chicago 8:00pm

    Fri 18 vs LA Clippers 8:00pm ESPN
    Sun 20 vs Charlotte 7:30pm
    Tue 22 vs Chicago 7:30pm
    Fri 25 vs Miami 12:00pm ESPN
    Sun 27 vs San Antonio 6:00pm NBATV
    Tue 29 @ Detroit 7:30pm
    Wed 30 @ New Jersey 7:30pm

    Fri 01 @ Atlanta 7:30pm NBATV
    Sun 03 vs Indiana 6:00pm
    Thu 07 vs Charlotte 7:30pm NBATV
    Sat 09 @ Houston 8:30pm
    Mon 11 @ Oklahoma City 8:00pm
    Wed 13 @ Philadelphia 7:00pm

    Fri 15 vs Toronto 8:00pm ESPN
    Sat 16 @ Detroit 7:30pm
    Mon 18 vs Detroit 1:00pm
    Fri 22 vs LA Lakers 8:00pm ESPN
    Sun 24 vs Dallas 1:00pm
    Tue 26 vs Minnesota 7:30pm
    Thu 28 vs Toronto 7:30pm
    Sat 30 @ Washington 8:00pm
    Sun 31 @ Minnesota 7:00pm

    Wed 03 vs Washington 7:30pm
    Fri 05 vs Milwaukee 7:30pm
    Sat 06 @ Cleveland 7:30pm
    Tue 09 vs Sacramento 7:30pm
    Tue 16 @ Chicago 8:00pm
    Wed 17 vs Chicago 7:30pm
    Sat 20 vs Oklahoma City 7:30pm
    Mon 22 vs Milwaukee 7:30pm
    Tue 23 @ Boston 7:30pm
    Fri 26 @ Washington 7:00pm

    Sat 27 vs Memphis 7:30pm

    Mon 01 @ Cleveland 7:00pm
    Wed 03 vs Detroit 7:30pm
    Fri 05 @ Toronto 7:00pm
    Sat 06 vs New Jersey 7:30pm NBATV
    Mon 08 vs Atlanta 7:30pm
    Wed 10 @ San Antonio 8:30pm
    Fri 12 @ Memphis 8:00pm
    Sat 13 @ Dallas 8:30pm
    Mon 15 @ Philadelphia 7:00pm
    Wed 17 @ Boston 7:30pm

    Fri 19 vs Philadelphia 7:30pm
    Sun 21 vs Houston 1:00pm
    Tue 23 vs Denver 7:30pm
    Fri 26 @ Phoenix 10:00pm
    Mon 29 @ Utah 9:00pm
    Wed 31 @ Portland 10:00pm

    Fri 02 @ Golden State 10:30pm
    Sun 04 @ LA Clippers 9:30pm NBATV

    Tue 06 vs Boston 7:30pm
    Wed 07 @ Indiana 7:00pm
    Fri 09 @ Orlando 7:00pm

    Sun 11 vs Miami 6:00pm
    Mon 12 vs Washington 7:30pm
    Wed 14 @ Toronto 8:00pm

    Nice we get a Christmas game. We also get some national television games!

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    When I saw the Christmas day game I flipped. I was like woaahhh! Nice to see we got a couple games on national tv. We're not viewed as toxic waste anymore.

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    Hello guys,

    Very important question and I hope I can get an answer very quickly since the NBA calendar has just been released.

    My friend and I are french, and we are planning a trip to the USA in November. We are big NBA fans, and we would like to see a game in New York. We would like to purchase tickets, but before we do, we'd like to know this : where are the seats that are near the tunnel for the visitor team ? This way, we hope to slap the hands of great nba players (like LBJ, or CP3) when they'll go to the court. Maybe get an jersey at the end of the game

    Hope anyone of you can help us. We would be very grateful.


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    Holy ****, we've got a Chrismas day game....on ESPN! Knowing us we'll probably get blown out or something but still.

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    nice a christmas game, by why is the question we have a **** squad really loll. its decent at best. anyways ima try to get tickets to that game from now.

    as for the rest of the schedule theres no reason why we cant be a playoff squad

    DaTPRiNCE...That EGYPTiAN Fella, #MeloMafia

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaTPRiNCE View Post
    nice a christmas game, by why is the question we have a **** squad really loll. its decent at best. anyways ima try to get tickets to that game from now.

    as for the rest of the schedule theres no reason why we cant be a playoff squad



    Are the only teams definitely, definitely better than us if we keep Lee and Nate for one more year.

    I feel toronto is still toronto
    and philly will drop off andre miller was clearly the motor for that team if you watched them play and thats a huggge loss.

    the signings in detroit will not make up for the fact that rip hamilton is declining they still dont have a true pg, and lose rasheed their only low post presence.
    seem afraid

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