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    Default Round&round Q-Rich goes...

    where he will end up nobody knows. But atleast for the time being it seems to be in Miami playing alongside Dwayne Wade.

    Yes Quentin Richardson has been traded yet again and this time to the Miami Heat. Marc Blount being the exchange to Minnesota.

    So starts a knick. goes to the grizz. then the clippers. timberwolves now the heat. He has become just an expiring contract. one that looks like it will actually end up sticking around this time and to get substantial playing time.

    Not much of a news story but for fun where do you think he will end up? Will he just continue to be a contract or will he eventually live up to his potential and stick around somewhere?
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    He will be traded back to the Knicks after he gets dealt to every team in the NBA.

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    I don't know about being traded back to the knicks. I think he'll fit right in at Miami.

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    I think its hilarious that he has been to almost every losing team (Memphis, LAC, Minnesota) Then he actually goes to the playoff contending Heat. I wonder how he will play now that he has the chance to have some playoff spotlight...

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