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    Default Grizzlies might get AI for nothing

    Allen Iverson wants to play for long as Miami or Charlotte have no offers. The Grizzlies had an offer of only 5 million and now have it at 3.5 million with a bunch of incentives....a 34 year old scorer that can still take over games for chump change...just thought it was amazing how AI has dropped so much in value because of his problems in Detroit.

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    Ok, I know all the baggage that comes w/ AI, but if that is all the asking price is for AI why did we not bite?

    For 3.5 million AI wouldve averaged 20+, yes he might have caused some drama, but at 3.5 million we could have easily just bought out the contract. Look in a year where we want to avoid being a lottery team at all cost (due to not having a pick) AI wouldve made that a lot more likely!

    AI wouldve been the lowest paid player in the NBA All Star game this year!

    He would not have hurt the 2010 plan, we now have the option to bring him back at whatever price he shows he is worth.

    Look Dantoni said NY needed another star to make top FA's want to play in NY, we just let one go for real cheap.
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