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    Default Knicks Will Again Call Wolves About Rubio...

    Sep 05, 2009 1:45 PM EST
    In a scenario similar to the one that played out immediately after the draft in June, Donnie Walsh is again interested in whether Ricky Rubio could be made available by trade.
    After Rubio's decision to remain overseas for at least two more years, David Kahn signed Ramon Sessions to an offer sheet on Friday.
    "Rubio committed to Spain. Right away David signs Sessions. That might mean Rubio is in play. I'll find that out," Walsh said.
    Walsh said Sessions' agent, Chubby Wells, demanded a contract amount that would have jeopardized the Knicks' 2010 plans.
    "I thought it really was going to happen," Wells said about his client signing with the Knicks. "I really thought we had a deal. Then Donnie finds out the cap will be smaller than anticipated and he pumped the brakes on it and slowed down."
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    Donnie finally confirmed about Sessions so he's out. Now that the Wolves have signed Sessions, i really hope Donnie does what ever he can to get Rubio here. But then again Kahn already stated that he has in interest in trading Rubio to the Knicks, so the thing is has Kahn finally come to his senses and that Rubio will never play for the Wolves so he signs Sessions?
    I guess we have to wait and see, also honestly what do we have to offer?...i really wouldn't mind parting with Chandler or Lee if we have a long term PG in Rubio coming here. No matter what Donnie should be calling Kahn non stop this year to find out exactly what he looking for from us and if I know Donnie he's going to make the right decision.
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    Nothing will come of this. We have nothing to offer Minny that they would want. Plus, Donnie really didn't try to get Rubio here in the first place. He only called Kahn once. The day after the draft to see why Kahn selected so many PGs. That was it.

    Kahn Has No Interest In Trading Rubio To Knicks

    The Pioneer Press is reporting that Timberwolves president David Kahn has no interest in trading Ricky Rubio to the Knicks.

    Rubio has committed to playing in Spain for at least two more seasons.

    Kahn feels the Knicks have nothing of interest to offer in return for Rubio.

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