I like how ESPN acts as if these panelists know anything more about the situation than anyone in this forum. Fact is, there guess is as good as any of ours. I think it's more likely that Lebron comes to the Knicks than him staying. I mean, the Cavs are built to win now (not very well, I might add). The Knicks are built to win later. A young core of Gallo, Wilson Chandler, Jordan Hill, Toney Douglas, and possibly David Lee and Nate Robinson is far better than anything the Cavs can offer past this season. Shaq is old, Ilgaulskus is old. Who will they have? Mo Williams? He's overrated. Besides the possibility of playing with 2 superstars here, if we're able to trade JJ and Curry. The best chance of winning multiple titles is here with the Knicks. The smartest thing to do for his career is to come to New York.