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    Default So What's our Plan B in 2010?

    Ideally we move Jared Jefferies and/or Curry the cap is at like 55 million and we we have between 34-44 (depending on which of the two we move) to spend on FA's and we able to land two nice players and we are on the road to be a force once again.

    Ok I have said time and time again that I am against this rebuilding tactic, but with this offseason just about over we are now fully committed to it and for the sake of our team I hope it works out. Plus I really like Donnie Walsh and I would hate to see him get buried in the Press if this doesnt work.

    My question is what is our plan B?

    For instance lets say the cap comes in at 50 million (although that is the worse case scenerio) and we dont move any of the two before mentioned contracts (very likely), and we only have 24 million to spend, whats our next move? We would have to be a playoff team this year to attract a big time star in this scenerio, right?

    What if the Big Time FA's resign with their teams or worse yet, we have the cap but no players come, what do we do then?

    What are your suggestions?

    side note: This Thread is not to bash or defend the 2010 plan Donnie has, just about coming up with some alternatives
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    I could see us getting screwed next year too, but I think your answer there is just hang on til the next year when there will be plenty of intruiging free agent options as well. I think we'll get someone good out of Donnie's plan, it's just who will it be? I think if worst case hits as you mentioned we may wind up with no one big this next year but worst case maybe Carmelo in 2011. You can puke if you want, hes not the ideal person I want either, I'm just saying I think we'll get someone talented, we just better hope its talent that fits and works out. Other issue is I know we've waited awhile now and people tend to say what is one more year, but I am losing patience, I want success sooner that later.
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    maintain cap stability for the next year....and the next....etc....
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    Maintain cap stability until we can lure one big free agent. 2011 has some decent players including Kevin Durant.

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    agreed.maintaing the cap stability/flexibility.the knicks have been some of the most reckless teams when it comes to spending, and in reality, they have to be one of the most conscious.its down right depressing how much the knicks have over paid for bums.the lakers are never in these situations, because they have sane people running the organization.people who love and know about basketball.

    james dolan doesn't give a **** about his teams because they make money regardless.all he gives a **** about is his stupid ass blues band.

    this **** starts at the top.

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    Well, a $50 million cap is highly unlikely.

    But what I would do if I was in Donnie's position is to make the best of the situation. Curry plays some of the worst defense in the NBA, I'd make sure that he gets training to improve his weak defensive skill.

    I'd put Nate Robinson in for around 40 minutes a game (as a fan favorite, his enthuiasm will get the crowd excited for the game). I would also make sure that he is in the fourth quarter of every game, because he has a great clutch prefromance. As GM, I would sign Robinson for a long term deal.

    In addition, with the remaining $24 million, I'd use it to sign a contract with a Amare Stoudemire (who thrives under Coach Mike D'Antoni's offensive system) and is an effective defender or maybe Chris Bosh. After signing of Stoudemire (or Bosh) there would be more than $8 million left under the cap, I would use that to sign Raja Bell, who will greatly strengthen the team's defense (Bell's last year's salary was $5.2 million, so he should go for it).

    I think even in this case, the additions of Amare Stoudemire or Chris Bosh and Raja Bell, as well as giving more time Robinson, I think the Knicks could still be a playoff team.

    By the way, there will always be available free agents: Dwayne Wade, Amare Stoudemire, Chris Bosh and several other talented players have openly voiced their displeasure with the direction of their team and the Knicks seem like the front runner for the acquistion of several talented free agents.

    Walsh is a smart GM and he'll find a way to acquire the neccessary power behind the team, this might not necessairly be LeBron, but sports exports and sources close to the Knicks are in a general consencous that the Knicks will acquire talent free agent(s).

    Realistically, the cap will be closer to $53 million. The Knicks could trade Curry and Jeffries to a very weak offensive team for a future second round draft pick. Even if, Curry and Jeffries don't get picked up, which is a legitmate possibility, considering they are worthless compared to the 2010 free agent talent. They can help Curry improve his defense (as mentioned previously) and put Jeffries in for a short period of time in games. Even with Curry and Jeffries, with a realistic salary cap (around $53 million), the Knicks can acquire some great free agent talent with the remaining money and easily make it to the playoffs. Donnie will get his way.
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    The plan is to develop some pieces ourselves instead of just waiting for saviors to come in. Players like Chandler, Hill, Nate and Gallinari have huge upsides that could really payoff if they reach potentials. All other players in our roster will be free agents and most likely won't stay since there won't be any room for them. If by 2010 all we can get is One really good player, then we can fill the rest of the rosters with role players that would take major pay cut at least for one season.

    That is why Gallinari has to be a complete player for us, a distributor, shooter, creator. Chandler has to be tough, rebounder, blocker, and learn to create his shot. Hill has to be a beast in the post, help D at all times. Nate has to be clutch, better court vision, and of course a little crazy (I don't think you can't change that, lol as much as I would want). So again if these core players develop quickly (less that 2 years) then the people that come via trade or free agency will have impact right away. Similar to what Nash did in Phoenix, since Joe Johnson and Amare developed so quick that make them jump from a 29 win team in 2003-2004 into a 62 win team in 2004-2005.

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    Yeah i agree, we do have to develop our own players this season. This has to be Gallinari's season to prove what he can do. Also Chandler has to improve his shot and decision making. If those two, Hill, and Douglas show us that they can play great basketball together then I think we are on the right track. Gallinari's is going to have to show why he got picked 6th in the draft. Then again im not too worried about players not coming here. This is NY! On top of that what great player wouldn't want to come into a situation like this, turn it around and get praised for what he did to get this team back to contention.
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