Ideally we move Jared Jefferies and/or Curry the cap is at like 55 million and we we have between 34-44 (depending on which of the two we move) to spend on FA's and we able to land two nice players and we are on the road to be a force once again.

Ok I have said time and time again that I am against this rebuilding tactic, but with this offseason just about over we are now fully committed to it and for the sake of our team I hope it works out. Plus I really like Donnie Walsh and I would hate to see him get buried in the Press if this doesnt work.

My question is what is our plan B?

For instance lets say the cap comes in at 50 million (although that is the worse case scenerio) and we dont move any of the two before mentioned contracts (very likely), and we only have 24 million to spend, whats our next move? We would have to be a playoff team this year to attract a big time star in this scenerio, right?

What if the Big Time FA's resign with their teams or worse yet, we have the cap but no players come, what do we do then?

What are your suggestions?

side note: This Thread is not to bash or defend the 2010 plan Donnie has, just about coming up with some alternatives