Totally agree with you Paul, I don't remember anything major in the earlier part of this decade. But Jay is great. RD will always e a classic, hell, i even like some of his new stuff.

There are gems hidden in this "modern rap". We just gotta look REAL hard to find em.

Best Hip-hop album of 09
And that says alot about this generation of music.

This would be a 3 in 1996, but a 7.5 now. When it comes to anything he's put out after the Black Album, it's been hit or miss. This, is a hit. A small, above average for this era yet wayyy below average, if this were 1996, hit.

I think BP3 is a decent album, clearly others here don't think so. Oh well, we can still listen to the classics. Nothings stopping us from doing that.