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If Biggie, Pac, Big Pun and Big L didn't pass away then Jay Z would still be looking up to these guys. Jay Z accomplished more than he was suppose to because he really had no competition once the huge names of rap died...thankfully Nas is still here. And we all remember when Nas and Jay Z went at it....Nas killed him.
word that one song "ether" murdered jay-z lmao, second best diss record ever behind only hit em up

about the album i listened to a couple of songs here and there, but i really like we made history its real good, but hes past his prime and it seems to me like his aim just just to make decent records to sell, i mean he's already proven himself so he doesnt see the need to make an all out album which i dont like and thats why lupes the best in the game right now dude got the skill and hunger to be the best out there